The Media Booth

NAB Creative Space

NAB is an initiative founded by The Media Booth. It currently has a small team of 4 people who work hand in hand with the community. It caters to the needs of the Youth and women in the south of Lebanon and targets local and international NGOs.
NAB would like to create a harmonious society where the women and Youth are fully engaged and motivated to work for the betterment of their communities.
Since its opening in April 2018, NAB has already engaged with a number of young men and women who are now committed and actively participating in every event. NAB hosted so far a large number of free workshops on different topics.

NAB is building a human rights defenders library that will also include fiction and non-fiction books. The books are donated by organizations and individuals and also curated by the team itself. In addition, NAB also has a movie library and a music library; NAB will also launch a cinema club in the area in the near future.

Participants, visitors, and beneficiaries are welcome to use these resources free of charge. Organizations and individuals are also encouraged to donate similar resources.

Workshops and Training

Information and awareness raising sessions

Arts and crafts sessions

Movie screenings

Free co-working space

Attendance and participation are free of charge and open to all. We are limited by space, and we can host up to 18 people for a workshop/training, 10 people for an arts and crafts session, and 40 people for a movie screening.

The space is equipped with all office supplies and can be open for people to come and work and spend their time in a creative safe space.

NAB is a green space, we recycle and reuse 75% of our garbage. NAB supports local Lebanese products.