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Being a photojournalist is a hard job by default, this is why it is essential that you have the right equipment that can save you a lot of hassle and trouble.Keep in mind that the type of equipment you need will depend primarily on the type of photography or even the type of assignment.We are

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White Phosphorus Guide:

Sources and chemical properties  White phosphorus is a solid element that spontaneously ignites in the air forming phosphorus pentoxide. White phosphorus is used as an incendiary agent in weapons and fireworks. Oxidation may produce a yellow flame, while the production of white smoke indicates the ongoing formation of phosphoric acid. The corrosive action of phosphoric

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MAKING PEOPLE COMFORTABLE DURING INTERVIEWS Find a comfortable place, that your subjects feel safe, and comfortable in. comfortable furniture and lighting and temperature is a must.Make their hands comfortable, as silly as it sounds, help your subject deal with their hands positioning because if it is not dealt with, it will distract them when filming.Communicate

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The Intuitive Film Lab

Nestled amidst the vibrant heart of Beirut, high above the bustling streets, a captivating haven awaits—The Intuitive Film Lab. On the rooftop, as the sun’s golden hues melt into twilight, a unique group of artists gathers, embarking on a collective journey into the realm of art in which they explore profound connections between their inner

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YOU ARE THE STORY Share what you love, if you love art? share that in an interesting way and make it a story element in your Vlogs. THE GEAR Any camera is enough to start, but as you advance through vlogging you will need to upgrade your gear. A phone is a great tool because

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Location scouting essentials

One of the first steps into a production is finding a good location, actually finding the right location, finding the right location will affect the rest of the production process. It is a critical piece of how your story will be told and helps bring the director’s vision to life.  Bring the needed crew with

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A Brief Guide for Filming in Hostile Areas

Conflict Filming is not a game. The decision to go to a hostile area can have far-reaching and long-term effects, not just on the filmmakers themselves but also on their families and the people they photograph. Prepare yourself mentally You can never be too fit or too prepared. Covering a conflict can have its physical

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green screen set

How to Prepare for a Green Screen Shoot

Attention, or inattention, to minor details during a green screen filming session plays a big role in ensuring smooth production. We’ve assembled this list of our top tips to help anyone going in front of the camera to come prepared like a pro. Style Whatever you feel represents your brand is what you should wear.

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