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The Media Booth is a Beirut-based video production company. It offers an in-house team of film specialists who can manage the video production process from concept through to completion.

The Media Booth is a film and media production company. Established in 2010, it has since taken on multiple media and production projects for different organizations and corporations, and TV stations, in Lebanon and the Middle East. The Media booth specializes in visual storytelling, content production, short interviews, short movies, documentaries, and social media content. The Media Booth has produced and co-produced over 100 short movies and feature documentaries, some of which won film festival awards. The Media Booth team founded The Lebanese Cinema Club (in 2015), and The Lebanese Movie Database (in 2016). The Media Booth’s team is made up of 10 professionals who are passionate about film and media production. The team consists of professionals who come from different backgrounds and nationalities, and each has a set of skills that compliments each other’s.

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