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Alexandria Short Film Festival
Royal Television Society
Tyre International Short Film Festival
Democratic Reporting International

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“Our goal is to create content that will stick with the viewer long after they’ve seen it. Content that will connect to them on an emotional level and that makes them believe that they can affect change.”

What we do

Creative Video Production

The Media Booth develops, produces, and edits compelling and effective videos for television, businesses, and the internet. We are committed to producing creative, high-quality, and effective content.

Editing & Post Production

The Media Booth works on different types of videos and understands that each video category needs different editing approaches to make it stand-out, and this is what we precisely and exclusively specialize in.

Digital Design & Animation

Using our creative and ideological potential, we offer our clients solutions that are not only beautiful but understandable and simple, so they can send their messages to the audience and reach their goals.

Photojournalism & Photo-stories

Living in an area of conflicts and political instability, we frequently get commissioned to work on assignments for different platforms. Our work is featured on platforms such as UNHCR, ICRC, ICTJ, among others.

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